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You've Just Discovered Your Favorite Los Altos Drain Clog Removal Team

Paul, one of our Los Altos drain clog removal experts is using a snale to clear the drainDrain clogs are a regular occurrence even in homes that are well taken care of. Food particles escape past the drain screen, soap scum builds up in shower drains, and kids sometimes think it's a good idea to flush their doll down the toilet. Clogs happen.

Our Los Altos plumbing team makes it their job to remove the clogs for you before they become catastrophic. We have drain snakes and other powerful equipment to help us remove even the nastiest of drain clogs quickly and cheaply. You'll hardly notice a disruption in your schedule when you call our plumbers in Los Altos for your next drain clog removal.

Common Causes of Drain Clogs and How to Avoid Them

our plumbing team found this blocked sewer on a job in Los Altos, CAEven though the occasional clogged drain is inevitable, we still want our customers to know what causes common household drain clogs and what steps they can take to prevent these clogs in the future. Below are a few of the top reasons why various drains around your home become clogged.

  1. You've flushed something down that doesn't belong. Sanitary napkins, washcloths, toys, and other non-biodegradable materials should never be flushed down the toilet, since they quickly cause blockages.
  2. You use too much toilet paper. Even though toilet paper degrades, too much of it will clump up and cause an obstruction in the pipe that is too dense for water to pass through. Make sure that all members of the home are using toilet paper sparingly to avoid clogs.
  3. You haven't cleaned out your shower drain in a while. Shower drains get clogged with hair, soap scum, and shampoo residue even when a drain screen is used. Make sure to periodically check the drain by lifting up the screen and removing any clumps of hair to prevent them from washing further down the pipe and causing a blockage.
  4. You regularly flush grease and oil down the kitchen sink. Hot grease and oil should never be flushed down the drain. Once they cool down, they solidify and cause a solid blockage in the pipe. Instead, let the oil and grease cool into a solid in a container, and then throw the entire contents in the garbage.
  5. Your yard is overgrown. This might not seem intuitive at first, but leaves, dirt, and other debris can collect at your drain spout and cause a blockage. Additionally, overgrown shrubs and trees can grow into the pipe itself and cause blockages, cracks, or total breakage resulting in a ruined pipe.

Take action now to alter your habits and prevent drain clogs and damaged pipes in your home. If you are in need of a plumber in Los Altos, then our plumbing team is ready to help unclog your drains.

“I was nervous when I first called these plumbers because I knew that I'd need a full pipe inspection to fix several serious leaks. The technicians came out to my home right on time, performed the inspection, and gave me a detailed description of the problem. They also mapped out the pricing for me on paper, and answered any questions I had about the total estimated repair costs. I was happier going into it knowing exactly what the repairs would cost me, and now I have a like-new set of pipes. Will definitely make these guys my go-to plumbers.” – Kelly J., Redwood City
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