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We're Sure to Be Your Favorite Plumbers in Los Altos, CA

our plumbers in Los Altos, CA are ready and standing by their truckOur plumbing technicians are part of a locally owned and operated company with one main priority – to keep your plumbing running smoothly without charging you outrageous prices. We know the area because we've lived and grown as a business here. We know exactly what to do to repair your leaks quickly and effectively, and we don't waste excess time trying to find out what the problem actually is. It's tempting to go to your neighborhood handyman or a family member to fix your plumbing problems, especially the smaller ones.

But only a real plumber is going to possess the knowledge and certifications required to complete your repair up to code – and a small repair gone wrong can quickly turn into a costly job if left unchecked for too long. Skip the hassle and just come straight to us – we're the professional plumbers in Los Altos that do the job right, always.

Fully Certified Plumbers Who Keep Safety in Mind

It's important not only to get each and every job done quickly, but also to complete every job – big or small – with the most up to date safety standards of the plumbing industry. In order to ensure this, we ensure that all of our plumbing Los Altos technicians are continually honing their skills and learning the new rules of the trade. We won't complete a repair unless we know how to do it, and we never send a plumber out into the field alone until he or she has been certified and completed the full apprenticeship program.

Our plumbers are:

  • Fully certified
  • Knowledgeable of current safety standards
  • Proficient in industry best practices
  • Approachable and open to questions
  • Reliable, on time, and honest

We Let You Know Your Costs Up Front

one of our plumbers explains to the client the costs of fixing the plumbing systemOur plumbers don't leave you in the dark when it comes to repair costs. We provide honest, up-front price estimates for all jobs, and will go through the specifics with you and answer any questions you might have. We openly discuss the various repair options so you have some flexibility in the final price. We know that the surprise of a broken water heater is enough, so we don't hit you with extra hidden costs when the job is done. Our plumbers never sacrifice quality in favor of price, so you can rest assured knowing that whatever repairs we recommend are safe and up to code.

“When my toilet started overflowing and leaking water all over the place, I kind of panicked. But when I called for an emergency plumbing repair, the technician was calm and helpful over the phone. He told me how to turn off the water to stop the leaking, and was there ASAP to repair my toilet. All in all I am very pleased with the efficiency and price that this plumber offers.” – Rachel H., Los Altos
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